Personnel & Staffing

At Sincere, we believe a security company is only as good as its people. Therefore, we strive to employ and retain a talented team of security guards and specialists who are most qualified to hold positions of trust and responsibility. Sincere’s approach to staffing begins with a careful scouting and selection process, and continues through the various stages of hiring and training. We utilize a number of staffing resources to cherry-pick the very best security guard talent available in our market, and we're extremely thorough in our hiring processes and during the different phases of employee training. 

Once assigned to a customer's facility, each Sincere Security guard receives extensive on-site training specific to their assignment. This training thoroughly familiarizes the security guard with all of the duties and responsibilities required for his/her particular assignment. Documentation of this training is contained in the security guard's permanent personnel file. Throughout their career with Sincere our security guards also receive periodic, specialized in-service training from professionals to augment their security skills. 

We also motivate our security guard staff in various ways, including competitive wages, funeral policy contributions, performance incentives, and law enforcement training curriculum in order to keep our talent on board and keep them focused on providing the highest level of protection and customer service possible. 

As a result, we have increased the level of competency, reliability and integrity of everyone on the entire sincere security guard staff, which directly benefits our site security clients by guaranteeing high protection levels.